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The most eye & mind opening book I’ve ever read.  If you’re looking to have a door opened please read this. Spread this knowledge. The people of this planet have a right to this information. We have been kept from so much for so long and it’s time we become free. The only place I have been able to find this book is on just look up ‘the code to the matrix’ my heart goes out to all beings of pure love.


*Unknown Entities* Allow us to say, at this time, that within any blending, within any acceptance, within any integration, as you begin to become cognizant of the gathering together of all that you have ever been, so that you can allow yourself to exist in the now moment, in this point of space, you will, from time to time allow yourself to realize that the energy that is coursing within you — so to speak — may allow you to experience all of the valves that you have closed, that you have tightened, through the adoption of certain beliefs in your physiological life.That the experience of any discomfort in those areas is only indicative of the fact that you are now willing to open those valves, awakens those areas within you.  Do not fear.  Anything that you will discover within that experience will be a worthwhile facet of your consciousness — will only add to the overall understanding of your momentum and your cognition of the services that you have chosen to perform in this life.There are many levels of consciousness that are willing, in a sense, to aid and assist.  Avail yourself of that assistance; and recognize that as you avail yourself of that assistance, what you are allowing yourself to do is utilize those portions and those levels of your own consciousness that exist on the same level as the consciousness from which you think you are receiving assistance.  It is the communication from that consciousness, on that level — to your consciousness on that level — that allows you to create the aid and assistance you need from your own energy for yourself.  That is how you allow other consciousnesses to assist you — by accepting and allowing and acknowledging their love for you — and transforming their love for you into the love for yourself.  That will allow you to allow your physical reality to become the ease of creation without struggle, without strife.Simply open to all portions of yourself, and recognize that there is no need for you to manifest those cognitions in painful ways; for there is no need to continue to create yourself to be separate from that which you know to be true for you.  This is an indication that you no longer need to fight your own ecstasy; and that only the fighting of your own ecstasy is what creates the scenario and the sensation of the pain.Do remember that vulnerability is infinite strength and indestructibility. For vulnerability is the willingness to be open to all that is; being open to all that is allows you to connect to All That Is.  Connecting to All That Is allows you to experience yourself as infinitely strong and self-empowered.  So your vulnerability, at this time of transformation — in allowing energies to flow through you, in allowing yourself to expand into another idea of what you are as a consciousness, which is the same thing, need not be experienced in a painful way for you allow yourself to know that you are only discovering more and more of the ecstasy from which you are created.Anxiety is the same energy as excitement.  Allow the meaning of the symbol to transform from a negative invalidation to a positive affirmation of the creation — the ongoing creation that each and every one of you are.There are many blendings of polarities for many of you this night of your time, and in a sense, another gateway, another doorway and a type of crystallization is taking place within individuals who have specifically chosen their path to manifest as an expression of polarity. Some of this will have to do with what has been termed the upwelling and upsurging and integration of Orion energies.  And many familial connections are being made this evening of your time, both with each other and within yourselves. For you are unto yourself, in a sense, your own family.  And now is the time that you have allowed yourself to begin to adopt all portions of the family that you are within the self.Release and flow.  Enjoy and love all that you discover yourself to be. Live in the ecstasy of the moment of self-discovery, and then none of that discovery need be painful.  Our unconditional love to you all.
— Bashar


by Louie Psihoyos

Hohokam ball court. Wupatki Pueblo in Wupatki National Monument, Arizona. Preclassic Period.

Riri Shimada ‎+ Takehisa Kosugi - The Other World Of Erik Satie

Ponte Vecchio, Florence (by Guido Boccignone)

Unbroken Necropolis Seal on King Tut’s Fifth Shrine  Harry Burton (1922)