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Detail of Theia.
Photo by Jay Haze  

Jacques Perret de Chambery - Des fortifications et artifices d’architecture et perspective (1601).

"You invent yourself to the point of stupidity … and you do it for money, renown, to lift yourself up, to escape the life you were born to, to escape the poverty, the racism, the killing strictures of a life that you were raised to accept as fate, to make yourself a new person not only in the eyes of the world, but finally in your own eyes too… You don’t have to go back to the prison of fate, that you can once again experience the satisfaction that only art, only the act of putting something new into the world, can bring."

Rolling Stone music critic Greil Marcus on what the history of rock ’n’ roll teaches us about innovation and the art of self-reinvention (via explore-blog)


Flaws of the smart city

The Smart City will never be the same after the Evil Genius plays the Greenwashing card.

Heidi Norton
The Radicant (2012)
Wax, plants, mirror, ceramic, and bone.

A Massive & Now Complete Chart Comparing the Sizes of Famous Spaceships From Movies, TV Shows, & Video Games

Goddess Sculptures 4000 - 3000 BCE

Aldo Loris Rossi Eliopolis, frammento metropolita- no eco-compatibile, 1978

Statue of Queen Nefretiri  Temple of Amen  Photograph by Zangaki

Geranium dissectum pollination | FEI Company
In the ancient myths associated with the gods and Shiva, long before the creation of the universe, the devas or gods, churned a cosmic ocean in order to obtain Amrita (elixir of life) for attaining immortality. It is said that Marijuana plants grew at all places where the nectar dropped or touched the earth. In one of the myths, Shiva reinvigorated himself in the heat of the sunlight by consuming leaves of the Marijuana plants. He is also said to have adopted the plant as a part of his favorite diet & is therefore often called “Lord of Bhang.”